Speak Up & Save has officially become an annual event. We are actively looking for ongoing sponsorships and partners to keep our mission moving forward. See below for our past events. Please inquire with questions and comments via our contact page.



February, 8, 2020

Officially making Speak Up & Save an annual event, year two was nothing short of incredible. While a larger venue was needed to grow, we never could have imagined selling out and reaching capacity at 440 people! The support, love, and compassion the community has put forth is proof that we are making an impact and lives will be  saved.

The atmosphere was positive, emotional, and uplifting. Bringing family and friends of the Higley and the Tierney families, along with new supporters of the mission, the goal remained the same, becoming more comfortable with topics surrounding depression and suicide. Reducing the sigma remains our primary focus, it is essential for allowing those in need to come forward. 

The culmination of the evening came when Daniel J. Reidenberg, executive director of SAVE, announced the net proceeds would be allocated to a new campaign for suicide prevention here in Chicago. More info will be shared in the coming weeks but we could not be happier to see the generous fundraising from our supporters go to the communities we call home. 

Speak Up & Save would not be possible without all of you! Whether you have donated, attended, or just spread the word, your support is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! Stay tuned for whats next!

Venue West - Chicago, IL

440 attendees

Gross Fundraising: $110,661

7 Event Sponsors

11 Food & Bev Sponsors 

- Speak Up & Save Team



February 2, 2019

Our first ever Speak Up & Save brought together 250 family, friends, and supporters to collectively raise $60,300 for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. The Inaugural event set forth our mission with great strength. 

Partnering with Suicide Voices of Education, together we work to improve the stigma surrounding suicide. 

Ovation - Chicago, IL

250 Attendees 

Gross Fundraising: $60,300

5 Event Sponsors

10 Food & Bev Sponsors